Tools of the trade. Part 2

I bet you never knew that the waste/scrap yarn that we normally use for provisional cast on sometimes comes in color and be a special one. In Japan, both Clover and the neon colored ones below by Munsell (a Yuzawaya company) make these colorful provisional cords. Provisional cord is very slick and comes in different thickness, and quite often just requires putting the stitches onto needle and then pulling the cord. It is so smooth that it comes off right away without need to unpick it one by one. Neat and very time efficient! I came across these for the first time in my machine knitting, since my Brother machine had one included in its tool kit. And bright stitch holders are just colorful notions that are also by Munsell.


Being a fan of everything versatile – function + appeal – I really got excited when I saw this! A cool sterling silver necklace with real pearls, but it is more than just a necklace. A friend in Seattle, the designer behind “Along the Briny Beach” has created this cool functional jewelry for knitters!


You get a long sterling silver necklace with a chain that wouldn’t tangle in your knits (like silk mohair sweater I am wearing in a photo) or your hair and a teardrop shape pendant that looks impressive on its own or when it is housing 6 real pearl stitch markers. One of which is different when you need to use a marker to indicate beginning of the round. Smart and thoughtful!
When all the markers are off and being used, there is still a pearl sitting at the base of the teardrop that doesn’t compromise the shape and appeal of this necklace! I love that Delores is offering so many custom lengths and colors of the pearls to choose from – so many tastes, so many choices! How about turquoise? The hip color for Spring this year!


Scissors for knitwear are quite important to have around. Especially those small ones. However, remember these are not good in case you are traveling!
From top to bottom:
Clover thread clippers are great for clipping short bits of yarn, but I’ve cut thin leather with them too. Very handy!
Merchant&Mills Wide Bow Scissors were a gift to me and they look rather extravagant. They are made in UK. I haven’t used them yet, but they are a great size and look.
Gingher 3.5″ Scissors – those who sew are very familiar with the brand name of these scissors and they are ones I use most. Tiny, sharp and rather minimalistic design that I like. Made in Italy.


Blocking and finishing of the knit item is as important as knitting your stitches at the correct gauge. Soaking the fibers of the yarn in your knit item helps all your stitches relax and for over 5 years I have been a Soak wash devotee. Being in Japan, I have discovered some new flavors they use in food like Yuzu, which is a citrus that grows here and used largely in cooking and absolutely delightful, tart, fragrant yet light. When I heard that Soak got new flavor Yuzu I couldn’t be more excited! I used Soak for washing all of my handknits and store bought knits. For work knits I use Scentless for many people can be allergic to different flavors (models or people who handle the garment in production). Personally, I have always liked Celebration scent and relatively new – Lacey scent. And now I am adding Yuzu to the list. Accompanied with Handmaid, a lotion that is great for when your hands dry out after knitting for many hours. Some agents that are used while processing yarns can affect theĀ  skin on one’s hands, so some Handmaid to the rescue and put some silk or cotton gloves for even better effect. Travel size Soaks are also great, just carry one in my purse in case the klutz in me spills something on my clothes. Works great as a stain remover too and I don’t have to feel guilty in ruining my clothes!


Rolls Royce of blocking pins, at least to me! These are absolutely amazing, I think I have collected at least 4 sets of these and they are amazing for their “fork”, bent at the angle, the metal part moves and that way you can pin and pin to get a more even edge. These are made by Clover and their US site indicates it as a new product now! Worth the price and I don’t use my T-pins much anymore. Why? For each 10 T-pins I have to only use 5 of these steel pins. I have been using them for over 2 years now and I am not going back to anything else, because these are my absolute favorite, so get them when you can! I keep them in a nice deep bowl, so when I am ready to block I just grab it and set to work.


So here are my favorite tools and notions! I hope you find something useful for you and share with me if there is something special you found and I absolutely need to have!

Happy Knitting and I am back to packing boxes!

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  1. Thanks so much for these posts. I love that special provisional cords exist; is there any crafty notion that hasn’t been perfected in Japan?

  2. blog says:

    I have been a long-time admirer of your creations on Ravelry and recently via your blog. It is beautiful.
    I have just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award – the name may be slightly cloying but it’s the thought that counts I suppose!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Laura says:

    Such an interesting post – so many tools one absolutely NEEDS to have! Thank you for all that information.

  4. Anna Prasad says:

    I love this post and the wearable jewlery is just gorgeous.

  5. Tagati says:

    Are there any US vendors selling the provisional cords and neon stitch holders?

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