Keep on swirling


Congratulations to Christina, Paula Castro and Archipurlago!  You three won the yarn and Swirl Necklace pattern to make your own!

Thank you to everyone playing along on this giveaway. I hope this little accessory inspired you to craft your own regardless the climbing temperatures.

And Happy Easter to all those who celebrate today!


4 Responses to “Keep on swirling”

  1. Archipurlago says:

    Mahalo! I’ve worked up one version of this so far but the yarn I used had too much variation in thickness than is suitable for this purpose. Looking forward to the S&C!

  2. Paula Castro says:

    wow! Lucky us 😉
    thank you very much, I’ll wait anxiously for my prize to start knitting it immediately.

  3. skeindalous says:

    Love the swirl necklace! AND can you tell us what these very cool puffy things are???

    • Olga says:

      Thank you! I am a big fan of flowers that are used mostly as filler in bouquets, so these things are actually thorny, not as puffy. They are called echinops.

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