time to show. 3 at a time

It has been months since I showed off my Habu explorations, as it seems to be the only projects/yarn/concept I am being drawn to in between my deadline projects..
I am… I have accumulated 3 finished Habu garments.. shame on me, heee.. well. I just didn’t have time.. I wrote a huge post… clumsy me, hit something on the keyboard and it was gone.. sometimes this happens, but at that moment I was almost done, so pulling my hair out or just yelling some words to my non-russian speaking cat.. didn’t fix it.

So here that goes..

The first is a long time “yo-yo” cocktail commute project, it all has started from Vanessa sending me some leftover caramel colored Rowan KSH.. I added some test skeins of Habu Silk Mohair A-32b and there you have it.. a Nymphadora Scarf.. it is super long.. just like I wanted.. at one point I was about to toss it into a washing machine to perform some hazelnut stuffed shibori, overlooked at Nicky Epstein’s Knitting never felt better, but then.. I haven’t decided on it yet.. it is simple, yet cute, starting with frequent striping transitioning into wider ones. So I need a public opinion for once: Should I or should I not proceed?

And then there is a kit I got.. and long time wanted, ever since Isel pointed out the fabulousness of it while paging through my copy of Setsuko Torii’s Hand-Knit works. Though I have knit a skirt before, it was a little worrying me how the silk would look and behave while worn around one’s behind!
I didn’t have any help on taking a decent photo, so self-timer on the edge of my balcony was the best friend for time being..
Here is a triptych, click on either to zoom

vintageHabu:: Kit 102:: darkHabu::Kit 102:: light
habu::kit 102::gradation tsumugi silk skirt
Habu Textiles
Gradation Tsumugi Skirt : kit-102: A-1, 5 or 6 colors triple stranded and wound in 10 variations in mini skeins (come ready to knit in a kit): charcoal: US 7 (4.5mm) needle: 30″ of 1/2″ black elastic.

This skirt became a success because I had a great buddy in face of Julianne (Ravelry link), who was making this skirt at the same time (she is actually making also a habu mohaired skirt as well!), so we got connected and figured it out together, we had to email Takako once. As usual she was very helpful and it was all cleared out. Printed english pattern had some typos, but it felt good about putting some idle brain cells to work. J apanese patterns are all about math afterall. I will be posting some tutorial-like on the corrections and modifications I did to this design on Habu KAL shortly.

I have eliminated seaming, by doing provisional cast on and grafting it to the end of the fabric after and did a casing with elastic instead of drawstring, just by knitting extra fabric and turning it into a hem.
And eliminated doing 2 parts of the yoke, by just picking up and knitting garter stitch in a round, but still doing the decreases along the sides indicated by strategically placed markers. The least favorite part- it took about 2 hours and tons of patience just to weave in those zillion of ends, but in the end I saw how it improved the sturdiness of the bottom edge.
The skirt before blocking looked like an elongate mini.. and original is shown in your mid-calf, I am not a model height, so just below the knee was the right length and I wasn’t blocking it to the original measurements. But, seriously, if you are taller and need longer skirt, it will block out , plus it is silk and in a skirt gravitation power would still pull it down.

The next was a secret gift.. which I can reveal today, Happy Birthday, Vanessa! It is my Birthday gift for her!

It is linen paper A-60 from Habu again, in two colors used for A Chinese Style Pullover aka kit-89. I have used the pattern from my book and US 9 needle, though next time I make it I may try it on recommended US 10 (6mm).
I love how airy and noisy this project was and is as a garment. Kirsten of assemblage fame pointed it out, this is a musical garment at some point.. so who needs a fireplace with crackling firelogs? Just get one of those and you kill two birds at the same time!
I hope V enjoys wearing it! It is perfect for steamy summers, as you get style and breeze constantly!


more news and projects coming soon, they are all ready for blogging, just need to acquire some decent pictures

17 Responses to “time to show. 3 at a time”

  1. lomester says:

    You look fantastic in that skirt. And i will look fantastic in that scarf 🙂

    Wanna get together and do a photoshoot?

  2. Courtney says:

    Everything looks great, nice work!
    I think that the scarf looks fantastic the way it is, but I’m sure it would look charming “shibori’d” too. 🙂

  3. Kitty Kitty says:

    yeah yeah yeah you posted. I didn’t realize you had finished the scarf. It is so lovely.

  4. AV says:

    Best three knits ever!!! Love all you do!

  5. Nora says:

    Beautiful work Olga! I love all your Habu creations.

  6. Tunde says:

    Hi Olga! I think for now, you should enjoy your scarf the way it is (wrap yourself in it), and if you get tired of it (or used to it), you can always do the magic of shibori.

    I love your work and style, the Blueberry Coat is absolutely breathtaking.

    Tunde from CA

  7. Elena says:

    Oh! Lovely lovely lovely stuff! I’ve been longing to get going with some of these Habu unique organic style garments. Which book do you refer to btw?

  8. Ava says:

    all are cute, including the scarf. I think you should “shibori” it. good job on the skirt.

  9. lekkercraft says:

    All of them are great! I like the scarf colors a lot, and I like that photo of it lightly knotted. The garments are really pretty too – the skirt is impressive!

  10. Veronique says:

    You’ve been hard at work! Vanessa sweater is so pretty 🙂 And everything else that you’ve made!!

  11. Patricia says:

    You look great in that skirt. Looks like you’ve been busy!

  12. Kent says:




    Actually the scarf is going to look cool either way. I just wanted to see what it would look like ‘shiborized’ 🙂

    I love your description of Vanessa’s sweater. In addition to the amazing texture and color variations, it has ‘aural’ component.

    I’m so ready for my Habu kit…just have to finish my ‘monster’ still.

  13. knitlit kate says:

    you are so audrey hepburn in that skirt! luv the scarf too. very pretty colors.

  14. You are amazing… This is so beautiful.. Love it!!! Good job for all your hard work!

  15. pamela wynne says:

    skirt is *perfect* — love it! & I think you should enjoy the skirt as-is for a while, and then change it up later if you like.

  16. Scheherazaad says:

    All of your hard work has paid off. all of your Habu pieces look wonderful.Your friend Vanessa is very lucky. The next time I got to NYC I am making the Habu shop a priority.

  17. Michele says:

    love, love, love your version of kit 89.
    with the scarf i vote for trying the shibori.

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