Shibui Silk Winners

Congratulations to Amy, Tina and Robyn who each won a skein of Shibui Staccato and Shibui Silk booklet!!! I hope you all love it and can’t wait to cast on for those designs!

It’s still pretty cold here in Japan, even got “lucky” to be stuck in blizzard on the road in mountains near Nagano last week. (Don’t worry I had a knit project to entertain me on the road while bus driver was meandering through multiple tunnels and curvy roads). Beautiful landscapes are treacherous nonetheless. There has been lots of deadline knitting going on here, so lots of tea drinking and wearing of woolens to keep warm. Let’s speak of woolens next time. I have been having lots and LOTS of fun with them in the past year…

3 Responses to “Shibui Silk Winners”

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! Thanks. I’m very excited to win your drawing. Fun knitting ahead!

  2. Thanks from me as well! What a lovely surprise!

  3. Tanpopo says:

    I’d like to knit Francis but I can’t find where to buy the booklet ! I went on Shibui’s website, on yours … I’m desperate !

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