:: pints and purls ::

Karida Collins and Libby Bruce, who I met upon moving to VA, over a year ago they offered me to contribute to this fun book they were putting together. It is all about social knitting. Read: knitting in a restaurant or a bar. Book is not only filled with knitting projects but also tons of advice and tips on such occasions, like which drinks would stain and what are necessary projects to keep in your notions bag. And it is just a fun read!

Two of my contributions are shown below.
This is Drunken sweater, it hasn’t been made while being in such condition or had any substance spilled all over it. Only reason named so as the name seemed to be appropriate to for the asymmetry of armholes. And it is very wearable though may seem uncomfortable at first sight. I made it using yummy Shibui Merino Alpaca yarn in Wasabi that turned this sweater in a perfect comfortable winter wear. And I am the one who is always cold.
Drunken Sweater:: Front


Drunken Sweater::Back

Haramaki Belt warmer came as this universal garment ( and yes many who know me, I am all about versatility). Actually, Haramaki is a part of a samurai attire that would protect the wearer as it would be stuffed with iron. Not much related to that, but more common use was to keep warm as in Japanese culture is thought that heat is concentrated around your belly area, so keeping it warm would make entire body stay warm. Recently, they have made a comeback in fleece and I have decided to give my own take on it. Can be worn as a wide belt or corset like garment, or pulled down to keep your hips warm, it is suggested to be worn on top of your clothes [on top of jeans/pants , under jacket] and fun pattern makes it a cool accessory. When I got the it back, I tried it again and pulled it up and Laura suggested it as a boob tube for those who can pull it off or even easier one – a cowl. It all worked great! To me, simple tube and mission on versatility accomplished.

It has been made using Neighborhood Fiber Co Watershed yarn in 2 colors and short-rowed garter stitch to create this fun colorwork.
Haramaki Belt Warmer

Last week, Knit Happens held a Authors’ Book Signing Party where Holly, Karida and I were signing our patterns in the book (and also most of the contributors are local from around DC area). That was such a fun evening with many delicious cupcakes and even whiskey to boot! (eek!) I want to thank everyone who stopped by and said hello or got a copy! Happy knitting and Socializing (this time i spelled it right) 😉

Rest of pics of the event here.
P.S. note to self-gosh I need a haircut!

3 Responses to “:: pints and purls ::”

  1. Yuliya says:

    Olya, I really love your designs for this book! They are a huge step ahead of what most of us are used to see in knitting books. Love them, great job!

  2. Amanda says:

    In the book, it looks like they adjusted the sweater so that both the armholes “fit” the model, making an asymmetrical cowl type neck – and one sleeve shorter than the other. Can you post a photo of you wearing it that same way as well? I’m curious how the hem line changes since the model is seated in the book photo. Thanks.

  3. OLGAJAZZY says:

    Amanda, the way this sweater should fit is in the pictures above, they way they styled it in the book is off, as you can guess that makes the entire hem go sideways (one end lower and other higher) and 1 sleeve will be 3/4 and other full length, which makes this an odd looking pullover.

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