Palisel Striped Alpaca Hat

Palisel HatThank you kindly all kind commenters and for vising my blog here, I Love to hear the response and what you think and I strongly approve your feedback. This hat reminds me so much of Gwen Stefanie’s casual days in tabloids (I promised my husband not even look into the direction of that kind of press), when she is hiding behind her big sunglasses and a slouchy hat shielding her blond locks.
For some particular reasons I can’t produce a full sized pattern for it, here I give you the instructions on what I used for mine. Please refer them as general guidelines and adjust them accordingly to your needs, size, gauge and way of knitting. Things surely will turn out differently as any of us, our knitting is unique and tension can be thicker, thinner, but remember if you need to make it looser, go up a size on the needles. Unleash a designer in each of you, crafty knitters!
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca’s Sportweight
1 skein of 501, 504, 521
I suggest not to use more than 3 colors.
US 8 (5mm) circular 24″ and US 8 (5mm) double pointed needles (I suggest wood ones if you are using some very smooth yarn to prevent slippage).
To fit 22″ head circumference.
Using Long tail method cast on 68 (72 sts for a bigger head/bulkier hair) sts with darker yarn.
Join in a round, carefully not to twist and place a marker in indicate the round beginning.
Start the twisted ribbing pattern, which is :
all rounds: *k1tbl, p1* repeat throughout the round.
Work 10-13 rounds and then switch to contrasting yarn.
Increase round:
*k1, k1fb* repeat to the last 2 sts, k1fb , k1fb.
Next round start the linen stitch pattern:
Round 1-2: * k1, sl1wyf* continue throughout the round.
Round 3-4: *sl1wyf, k1* continue throughout the round.
Continue knitting in the same manner just switching yarns when you desire, on the stitch marker point and I suggest not to cut your yarn, just leave it and use it when you decide to switch colors, it eliminates extra finishing.
Knit till hat measures 8′ from the increase round.(beginning of the linen stitch).
Decrease part. Switch to the darker color (one used in a headband ribbing), work 2-4 rounds.
Divide your stitches: *17 (18) sts and place a marker*, last section will have 18 (19) stitches.
Decrease round:
*slip marker, ssk, work to the 2 sts before the next stitch marker, k2tog*, continues throughout the round.
Work 2-3 rounds in linen stitch, repeat the decrease round, repeat till you get very little stitches left, in the midst of it you may want to switch to double pointed needles to ease your work. Then cut off your yarn leaving about 6-10″ tail, thread
it into a darning needle, run it through remaining stitches and securely tighten it. Pull the yarn on the inside and weave in all the ends. Washing and blocking is suggested to let the stiches align beautifully and you can place it on something round to block, but laying it flat will work just fine.

Any questions? Feel free to email me, I would be glad to help!

ETA: I have corrected some mistakes, make sure to review, thanks!

15 Responses to “Palisel Striped Alpaca Hat”

  1. Becky-Dee says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern! I love the stripe colours you used for your version. I’ll start mine today! 🙂

  2. iSeL says:

    Thanks, Olga. Lovely name for a lovely hat. 😉

  3. Nikki says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’m always looking for hats that can accommodate my afro!

  4. Faith! says:

    This is so great! Mind if I link to it?

  5. Rhonda says:

    I love it! I think I might just make this for myself! Wow you did awesome!!

  6. lomester says:

    oohhh me likey! the name is very sweet as well.

  7. yuki says:

    Hello, I really like your designs! I’d love to knit this hat for myself too. lovely!

  8. knitlit kate says:

    i luv luv luv it! and what a sweetie you are to offer it gratis. i have a few balls of BS lying around here somewhere…i might just have to try this one : )

  9. Yarn It says:

    The hat is way too cute! It does look Gwen Stefani-ish! I may just have to look through my stash so I can make one.

  10. KeenJoy says:

    Darn! I stupid knitter! How do I e-mail you for help???

    My blogger site is:

    I LOVE the stefani hat and have been looking for a knitting pattern FOREVER.


  11. Siegrid says:

    I absolutely love this hat and have already started knitting last night.
    I am Austrian and have never used english knitting instructions.
    So I have a few troubles figuring out what all the shortages mean
    (like: p1, sl1wyf, k1fb…)
    would you be so kind and translate them for me or let me know where I can find an explanation?
    thanks very much

  12. Anonymous says:

    wow this hat is very cool. i havent mad every many hat before but i think i’ll make this one. i’m still kinda a new knitter, so will my hat come out that bad if i go *strictly*(or sorta strictly) by the pattern?

  13. hello! a question: is the decrease round

    ssk, then linen stitch, until last two stitches?


    ssk repeated until last two stitches?

    thanks so much!!

  14. DesertTuTu says:

    Love the hat but have a question re the head size…How can 68 stitches fit a 22″ head on size 8 needles with a gauge of 4 stitches per inch? I have Noro Taiyo just waiting in my yarn bag to be knitted.
    Help please!!!

  15. Gretchen says:

    what is the gauge on this? trying to knit it with some cascade. thanks!

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