Ori Ami Knits. Chapter 2

Things are slowly coming to a production end here on our work at Ori Ami Knits. So far all patterns have been already released digitally. Today I want to share images of Chapter 2 which we named “Subtle Layers”. In this chapter we share the ideas for more and more popular trend of layering your clothing.

It maybe actual layering or just a trick of an eye. Like in this design below – Duplicity pullover. It only looks that it has 2 shirts worn over each other, but it is actually some clever trimming incorporated and thanks to its texture difference and contrast it makes the sweater pop. Fibers that have been used in it are Tsumugi silk and Wool wrapped stainless Steel. Both from Habu textiles and of course it just can’t get any better with those yarns!

Duplicity on Ravelry

Puzzle Vest in its turn represents a garment you that is also made with Tsumugi silk, but created texture and combination of complimenting colors make it fun when worn on its own and when layered.

Puzzle Vest on Ravelry

Arcus means “rolling cloud” and it is exactly what this pullover looks and does even more. Knit in silk mohair and is versatile as it offers wearer many options. Incorporated drawstring casings are knit into the body of the sweater, so there is not much of fiddly finishing there. By pulling them up along the shoulders, they create these rolling folds around the entire yoke, you can let them out and have an oversized cowl around your neckline or even pull it over your head for a snood. The cocoon feel of this amazing fiber certainly feels as luxury!

Arcus Pullover on Ravelry

Which one will you knit now?

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  1. meegiemoo says:

    I love the puzzle vest. I will definitely be knitting that.

  2. Maddie says:

    where did you find those socks from dolce and gabbana? i have looked all over the internet for them. and do you have a pattern for it?

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