Murasaki (jap.) means purple, violet.

This pullover has a long story, back in 2007 Neighborhood Fiber Co has asked me to create a design that would showcase their hand-dyed yarns beautifully for their first show at TNNA in January 2008. This pullover was a hit, only my life turned into a whirlwind and I’ve had hard time first locating my notes, then finally finding time for this luxurious pullover to be published. Today it is finally seeing the light of day! It has lots of people involved into its making – from yarn supplier to a person who lent her “speedy Gonzales” knitting skills to finish it in time for TNNA to tech editor to verify the pattern to the photographer who took photos and processed the graphic design as well. 5 people to make this available to you. Sometimes we don’t think what goes into making of a design and then into a pattern, how much of resources, planning, labor and commitment not only of one person, but several. And all I wish for you to knit this and enjoy the process starting from your fiber choice and to final result of wearing the pullover and loving the design.

Luxurious yarns that it’s worked with are from an indie dyer, Neighborhood Fiber Co “Penthouse Spun Silk” and “Loft”, one is 100% silk and another is silk and mohair blend. Putting those two together against each other created a cool juxtaposition even though dyed in same colorway. Fibers tend to take up dye differently, so this is exactly what makes the stripes even more prominent.

I’ve chosen the option to have detachable sleeves just for one reason, I wish for some sweaters I could wear when it is springy weather outside, losing the sleeves helps, but in a case of weather going cooler – pull the sleeves back up again. This creates balance, silk as a fiber can be warm and cool, while silk mohair stripes are knit on bigger needle to its weight, so becoming rather breezy, again all about balance.

Seamless, entirely worked in a round, weaving in stripes’ ends as you go. And don’t forget about the sleeves, stand alone they are trendy silky armwarmers, that can dress up an evening dress or a short sleeved jacket – perfect accessory!

The pattern ranges across 16 sizes starting from bust size 28″ to 58″. It contains written instructions and stitch count updates throughout entire pattern. Instructions include a chart to help you keep track of striping according to each size.


For more information vision this pattern’s page Murasaki Pullover

Happy Knitting!

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4 Responses to “Murasaki”

  1. Ava says:

    “Murasaki.” I word I must remember and use since purple is my favorite color! It’s beautiful design – I remember when you started it.

  2. soknitpicky says:

    That’s cool, Olga! The sleeves are genius!

  3. annamae says:

    This is lovely! I appreciate it’s versatility. oh, and I adore your yellow nail polish. 🙂

  4. ELI says:

    Very cool. I’ve been knitting since I was 2, yet I still have a hard time when it comes to clothing. I mostly knit blankets, scarves, panchos, and toys.

    You have inspired me to give sweaters another go!

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