Miura cowl

Miura Cowl is named after a folding method of origami tessellation. It represents positive and negative spaces, but naturally gathering and keeping the voluminous look and while stretched it exposes textural beauty of knit and purl stitches arranged on it’s surface. It’s completely reversible as both inside and out have same patterning. I can visualize wearing this with a basic peacoat or a coat to bring up the interest to the neckline and balance out the outfit. Truth is it might have been getting real cold in some regions, but today it’s 85F and just two days ago it was 50.. Autumn is creeping in slowly in Japan but surprising Indian Summer days are the only reminders that are left of the past heat. It’s been steadily raining and I had a chance to wear my cowl out (with my new rainboots no less). I’d recommend avoiding busy prints to go with it. Polished minimalism and texture is what this accessory is trying to convey.. But also switch around the yarn weight, it would add more volume and expressed texture.

I certainly had fun taking photos, one can only imagine how creative you can get in order accomplish something all by yourself!

Habu textiles Lambswool linen, 52gr or any DK weight yarn approx. 210 yds. Color Lavender grey #11

US 4 (3.5 mm) circular needle

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The pattern contains chart as well as written instructions for those who don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with charts.

USD 3.50

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  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful cowl, Olga!

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