Indian summer

Sunset over Mt. Fuji viewed from Inomuragasaki Beach.

All past week we have been roasting here in Japan. Indian summer full on and living in a place that faces South turned my regular dwelling into a sauna of sorts, but I have been enjoying it nevertheless. Dry autumn days, spider colonies taking over many trees, orange hue of Halloween garb everywhere, faint scent of burning fireplace – all of it in premonition of cold weather taking over soon, but oh so pleasant.. To stop routine of the day with a cup of hot chocolate, couple chapters of a new book, think and reflect a little.

To be happy of the small moments and joys. Be appreciative of the present. Whether a big project coming to its final stages and feeling of accomplishment that relaxes and encourages to take on new adventures. Or just several hours of the day spent in a company of friends who understand your humanity.

The sky has been coming up with most bizarre and breathtaking patterns over colors at sunset.

And then back to the grind… so many things to knit..

4 Responses to “Indian summer”

  1. Carolyn says:

    those are some gorgeous skies, lady

  2. crystal says:

    What a stirring, beautiful image that first one is. It’s been pretty mild in England at the moment, I am in a way missing the need for lots of layers and handknits. Soon enough, I am sure!

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  4. Tanpopo says:

    Thnaks for thoses beautiful pictures. Japan is the country I was born in, even though I’m French, and I haven’t been over ther for 12 years. I miss it very much and your pictures are soothing ones !

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