Foggy hat

And this week’s pattern has finally arrived! It’s been up for couple days but with dramatic chain of events of actual weather changes delayed me posting about it. Autumnal equinox, Moon day.. call me superstitious, everything on the to do list starting colliding together.. And then there was a power outage, great way to lost bunch of unsaved work on your computer! We finally hit low 60ies at night and though it occasionally warms back up to 90 with the sun outside, the second rainy season for the year has begun… By pouring swimming pools (literally, not puddles!) of water from a passing by typhoon and that promptly made me order my first pair of rainboots. I’ve been holding off on them, being a fan of fancy boots/shoes wearing vs rainboots. In my mind rain boots are associated with ugly black stinky ones, that were being sold in every soviet department store for adults or kids when I was growing up. And nowadays I was stunned with colors and abundance of styles.. even started a discussion on twitter among friends and their preferences. It was hard… I mean it is awesome to play with a box of crayons and consider possibilities..and afterall how many pairs of rain boots does one own? Right, I am going for 1 to last me a long long while.. and with help of others I chose violet.. although initially my heart was set on yellow or glossy grey…

And while speaking of grey.. there is lots of it taking place in my wardrobe.. so monochromatic collection is being created for a reason and here the addition or reveal.

Foggy hat.
Simple in shape, textured look using this cool stitch pattern, big needle along with thick (worsted weight) yarn make it easy and quick to craft in an evening or two. And the pattern for it is available in 3 sizes.

This one I have made using just a little over half a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino yarn in color Fog. I have worked with this amazing yarn before and it is just soft and silky as well as incredibly warm. Little holes in the the stitch created with yarn overs play a role of tiny vents if you want.. in case you tend to get a little toasty.

To fit head circumferences 20″, 21.5″, 22.75″

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino 1 skein or 164 yards (150 m) of any worsted weight yarn.
Needle US 8 (5 mm) needle to work in a round (your preferred method, 16″, dpns, magic loop or 2 circulars).

The way it’s constructed – every motif is a little different and as you work on the hat – is progressively getting smaller. The pattern contains clear written instructions as well as a chart. So in case charts make you uncomfortable, you can follow row by row instructions for it. Have fun knitting! And don’t forget to share the photos.

On Ravelry

Queue it now

USD 5.00

And I am going to go back to some more writing and knitting as have something exciting coming up next for all of you!!! *smirk*

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  1. Hannele says:

    You didn’t know about the power outage beforehand? Don’t you receive the emails?

  2. A-L says:

    Foggy Hat looks great! Love the stitch pattern.

  3. Sherri Vilov says:

    Such a cute photo! Love the hat too!

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