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So last year around Fall time I had been mulling over an idea of making a fun new vest, but being generally not a vest person, I wanted to stick to things that I am most passionate about – versatility, something geometrical, one-of-a-kind and yet very wearable. I have been playing with basic geometric forms and pondering ideas, very much inspired by Issey Miyake and their new line of 132.5. Where all the clothing can be worn but creased at the lines that collapses/folds flat into a geometric shape… I have spoken to Cirilia who worked at Berroco at that time and she along with Norah Gaughan were very kind to make this design into reality! Thank you very much, ladies!!!


I have taken two circles and “Ensō” in translation from Japanese means a circle, it is also a very sacred symbol in their culture as it has many meanings and functions. I have imagined a puffy vest, almost like one of those down type that you would put on over your clothes in the winter for a ride in a car or a chilly walk in the evening to keep extra warm. To make the puffy look I have decided to go with a welted stitch pattern over a solid color yarn, because it gives volume and depth and a pretty stitch pattern. I have worked out a way for this vest to be reversible without actually making 4 circles and seaming them. Ensō Vest is worked flat using short-rows and when you are done, you simply graph the live stitches together and voila – it’s already folded at the outer edge and you have doubled fabric!


You even have opening all around the armholes if you wish to stuff it with fiber fill to make it more voluminous. So two identical circles, joint at the part of an outer fold to create a back seam. What’s more fun is that knit fabric is so elastic it allows you various ways of styling this vest of even fold it some more and turn it in this oversized scarf.


I know timing may seem odd talking about this design today, but I have published this pattern back in January and due my hectic schedule I wasn’t able to tell you about it’s little story! And I’m really proud of this design. I know Winter has come to our knitter friends down under and it’s never too late to start knitting for the colder season, because afterall that is the time when we need and appreciate our warm knits most.

Some specs
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia (100% wool from Peru), in Vino Tinto colorway 7153;
680 – 1240 yards (622 – 1134 m)
Needle: US 8 – 5 mm
Sizes available:
To fit bust sizes 31.5, 33, 34.5, 36, 37.5, 39, 40.5, 42, 43.5″

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$ 7.00

7 Responses to “Ensō Vest”

  1. tentenknits says:

    you truly amaze me with your talent olga!! that vest is gorgeous!

  2. The design is brilliant and genius – I love this !

    You have an amazing eye for detail and one very talented lady !

  3. Amber says:

    That is SO gorgeous. I adore the color. You’re so talented.

  4. This meteorologist immediately thought
    El Nino/Southern Oscillation, which determines drought and flood cycles around the Pacific basin. 😉

    But I love the vest and color. Very conceptual. I love IM, too.

  5. Di says:

    This is amazing Olga! I love the structure and pattern of it. Very much like IM’s work!

  6. TinnyMey says:

    wow this bolero ist wonderful ♥

  7. Alicia says:

    Love this vest! The photos make me want fall…found your blog via Not Martha. I’m a grad student at the University of New Hampshire and I’m conducting a 10-minute demographic survey of craft bloggers at craftbookproject.com. Would love it if you took it! All questions are optional and results will be kept anonymous. There’s a giveaway going on there right now.
    Thanks! Happy knitting.

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