Ashen details

As Volcano in Iceland keeps spewing ash and causing havoc of disastrous proportions over Europe it makes me only hope and wish that nearby Fuji doesn’t start doing the same as it is also way overdue and considering the wind and proximity – it certainly won’t be a pretty sight to see. At orientation week they informed us that last time Fuji-san did erupt, it threw up boulder-sized of a building/houses right into this area, which is pretty darn close!

Observing all that madness I kept knitting away on my new design this week. Ever since knitting of Ori Ami Knits garments was complete I was sketching more ideas and desire to explore deeper and beyond the concept we have created. With monochromatic influence of the upcoming season I have decided to challenge myself to try expressing depth of my knit garments through a different angle.

This one is Ashen, collection of colors, fibers, stitches, details all in one pullover. This is coming to life fast and will be done just in time for warmer days this week. Deep in heart, I hope to wear this as these dark clouds of Japanese mountains descending, so they just *stay* in a garments, while we bask in the warmth! (I really wish!)

4 Responses to “Ashen details”

  1. Chantal B says:

    That fiber is intriguing… looking forward to see your project!

  2. It looks like fine chain-mail. Beautiful Olga!

  3. Kent says:

    What a frightening thought!

    Let’s just think of happy things, not boulders flying through the gray skies / disaster movie style 🙂


    Once again, I’m in love with your color palette / ‘Ashen’.

    Hope to see more of it!


  4. cici says:

    great color and name Ashen!

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