The story for this design started 2 years ago. Believe it or not it is how long at times ideas have to sit inside a sketch book before they finally materialize. After Petal Halter design success I thought about working out a similar looking shape and incorporating it into a different type of a garment. And this design’s story is not particularly cheerful at the beginning. The design was turned down twice when I submitted it to be published elsewhere, but it lacked a secret ingredient which I have finally found last January…


Making the right yarn choice transformed the idea into a perfect marriage or you can call it some other epithet. But the yarn and colors made this shawl “sing”.
Actual patterning that takes place within the shawl can remind everyone of sometimes they know. Whether grey storm clouds, fish scales, even ceramic mosaic floor tiles and of course – as in a place where I live – of a traditional Seikai-ha print or sewn pattern of sashiko embroidery, fabric and prints.
To me personally the shawl reminded of winter ocean of Japan, stormy weather, foamy raging waves, greyness and obscurity of the horizon line between the sky and the water. That is why this shawl is named

Aranami 荒波 (jap).- (n) stormy seas, raging waves.

After I made a swatch I did all necessary calculations to start on actual shawl sample and I LITERALLY couldn’t put it down.. It’s quite addictive really, portable and you just keep telling yourself – one more, 15 minutes later – one more.. then you start seeing color transition to aligning beautifully. I will admit I burned midnight oil while knitting on it couple of times but no regrets. Just wanting to finish the last color and tier… and take it all in!


I am going to be making a couple more of these. I want to explore more color families! Aranami is exciting to work on – being not overly complicated, relaxing garter stitch so you keep attention on shaping, yet it’s a pleasure to know that the shawl is reversible! My only suggestion would be, when picking up stitching instead of going between the last and the previous stitch as you would usually do, go inside the last stitch itself. That way the lines on the wrong side would be less bulky, they would be still outlined delicately.


I know I am in love and if you are not yet, be prepared to! Brooklyn Tweed LOFT has an amazing range of 32 heather shades. I used 5 colors, 1 skein of each color. So 5 skeins! But amazing yardage of LOFT actually will yield 2 shawls out of those 5 skeins. They will just have to be made in 2 different graduating color directions. Still it’s great usage of yarn and yardage! Remember there are several flagship stores in US that carry Brooklyn Tweed yarns at their locations.

Choosing colors together is a bit harder for some, so I have put together several LOFT color pairings to help. You can also order Brooklyn Tweed Shade Card and play with it for the colors you prefer.

My original Aranami was done in


Fossil, Snowbound, Sweatshirt, Soot, Cast Iron

And you can easily replace Fossil with Hayloft or Embers to create a sort of grellow or effect of sun setting/rising over grey seas or skies.. just an idea.


First column: Fossil, Woodsmoke, Barn Owl, Nest, Pumpernickel
Second column: Snowbound, Sweatshirt, Faded Quilt, Almanac, Old World
Third column: Faded Quilt, Stormcloud, Truffle Hunt, Meteorite, Pumpernickel


First Column: Embers, Wool Socks, Long Johns, Homemade Jam, Plume
Second Column: Postcard, Blanket Fort, Thistle, Plume, Old World


First Column: Hayloft, Sap, Fauna, Tent, Birdbook
Second Column: Sap, Tent, Birdbook, Artifact, Cast Iron
Third Column: Foothills, Tent, Birdbook, Artifact, Cast Iron

But you certainly don’t have to stick to these colors combos above, use your imagination to entertain other ombré pairings you can create with these colors.

Pattern specifications:
Level – Beginner Intermediate

Finished shawl measurements (blocked)
Depth 14”
Wingspan 67”

Brooklyn Tweed Loft (100% US Targhee-Columbia Wool; 275yds/50g): 1 skein each of “Fossil” (A), “Snowbound” (B), “Sweatshirt” (C), “Soot” (D), “Cast Iron” (E).
any other fingering weight wool in colors
A: 6g or 33yds
B: 14g or 77yds
C: 22g or 121yds
D: 30g or 165yds
E: 38g or 209yds

US 2 (2.75mm), circular 36″ or longer

On Ravelry

USD 7.00



47 Responses to “Aranami”

  1. Such a beautiful and clean design!
    Also, I really love your hair!

  2. A-L says:

    Simply Beautiful! Love it!

  3. Ava says:

    What a beautiful shawl! I can’t believe it was turned down.

  4. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to get finished my other projects on the needles to get this started 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    I love this SO MUCH. I never have time to make other people’s patterns but I might have to make some time 😉 (Also, I like your hair! I’m still growing out some teal I put in last year, hehe.)

  6. So elegant & beautiful – can’t wait to start on this!

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  8. maitai says:

    hi dear! I love it! such a beautiful shawl. i love your colors. thanks for sharing some other color combos that could work! I can’t believe anyone would turn down this gorgeous design!

  9. Donyale says:

    Looks lovely!!! Well done Olga

  10. Thea says:

    Beautiful! And so much fun to see all the color combos…. Might have to add this to my scarf “lessons” 🙂
    (am currently experimenting with all kinds of construction)

  11. i loooove this shawl. you are so talented and cool… love the pink hair!

  12. LauraRN says:

    Olga– I LOVE it!!!! I’m hopping over to Ravelry right now to order the pattern. It seems like a terrific project. Is there no end to your talent????

  13. margaux says:

    wow. wow. wow. gorgeous design! Bravo Lady!!

  14. I love this shawl and just bought the pattern, can’t wait to knit it! 🙂

  15. I saw that on Ravelry last night and it went straight into my favourites.
    simply stunning!! Well done it certainly is a winner 🙂

  16. yoel says:

    What a beautiful and simple design! I am glad you came out with it, even if it took 2 years to gestate.

  17. knitalatte says:

    What an amazingly beautiful shawl.
    I can’t stop looking at the photographs.
    I can certainly see why you are in love.
    Yes, I’m as crazy about Loft as I am for Shelter.
    Brooklyn Tweed Rocks…

  18. Tanpopo says:

    This is such a beautiful wave pattern. Bravo Olga ! A gorgeous creation, as always !

  19. I’m in love with quite a few designs of yours, even if I have yet find the time to start your projects. I think that this one is my favourite yet though!

  20. cherylz says:

    lovely, and your color combo’s make it really sing. I have a vintage afghan pattern which uses the very same shape, garter stitch based.

  21. l like veru much your scarf very “delicat’ work

  22. Michaela T. says:

    Das Tuch gefällt mir sehr gut. Leider ist die Anleitung auf Ravelry nur in englisch. Gibt es diese auch auf deutsch?

    Viele Grüße

  23. OLGAJAZZY says:

    Michaela, Aranami pattern is now available also in French and German too.

  24. Keri Clark says:

    The gauge doesn’t seem right for the size needle required; tried several different sizes of needles. Using loft yarn as shown in photo. Is it measured on only one Tier 1? Help!

    • OLGAJAZZY says:

      Keri, gauge is a very unique thing for everyone as it depends on your style of knitting (just like your hand writing). Try maybe smaller or larger needle (depending how different your gauge is from the one needed), but before you do – the gauge is measured over washed and blocked motif of Tier 1, have you already done so? Make sure that when you measure it is completely dry. All the best, Olga.

  25. I haven’t started this shawl yet, but was reading the instructions in anticipation of starting it. I’m not sure what the instructions mean for Row 35 of the Wave Motif Pattern where it says “k2tog next 2 sts, psso”. Does it mean to knit together the next 2 sts on the left needle and then pass the 2 sts on the right needle over? But after doing this across the row, you’d end up with a lot of left over stitches that had been passed over – if you know what I mean. Help!

    • OLGAJAZZY says:

      Hi Sandra, I think you have misread the instructions, the sentence reads:
      “Slip next 2 sts onto RH needle as if to k2tog, k2tog next 2 sts, psso.”

      Meaning that you must have 4 sts at the beginning of that row, you start by slipping the first 2 sts first as if you were going to k2tog (but you are only slipping them), then you k2tog following 2 sts and pass those first 2 stitches over. And you have 1 stitch on the needle.

    • Thank you so much for your help. I’m looking forward to working on this project!

  26. What a beautiful piece of art! Bonnie Walsh from Bumbleberry, used Royal Llama (100% super dehaired llama in all natural colors) in your Aranami design. Learn more about Royal Llama on

  27. Gisou says:


    J’aimerais savoir si le modèle Aranami shawl excite en français
    D’avance merci pour votre réponse

  28. […] combining colors for ombré / gradient effects before via use of solid yarns. If previously, in Aranami, I used a modular technique worked up into a design, for these new designs I have been wanting to […]

  29. Barb Crafts says:

    For some reason the “waves” in my scarf are more “triangles” than the beautiful curved pieces in your scarf. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  30. vero says:

    je voudrais commander le patron du chale en francais mais je ne veux pas creer de compte paypal pour le reglementy a til un autre moyen de le faire merci

  31. vero says:

    merci beaucoup

  32. vero says:

    j’ai pu acheter le patron chez l’oisivté merci
    par contre je suis arrivée au dernier motif des vagues et je ne comprends pas les w&t pouvez vous m’aider merci
    I was able to buy the boss at the oisivté thank you
    by cons I arrived at the last pattern of waves and I do not understand w & t can you help me thank you

  33. Dorothy says:

    I just love your pattern but cannot seem to figure how to knit it. I end up[with a long string of motives and cannot seem to put them into shape,
    I have tried many times and do not intend to give I love this pattern so much. Can you give me more information on how to get the shape.

  34. […] which I have seen numerous times referenced on other blogs, Ravelry, etc. Olga blogged about it here. Aranami translates “stormy seas and raging waves” in Japanese according to Olga. The […]

  35. Dorothyh Rudkin says:

    I have been over the pattern many times and my wool is getting worn out.
    I cannot get past the 3rd tier. I will not give up I love the pattern so much.

    • Yvonne Miller says:

      I had trouble getting started as well. I used pictures from the project pages on Ravelry to help me see what I was supposed to do. I’m starting my 3rd color today and have been working on this for a week!!

  36. bscarman says:

    Would like this in a cowl! PLEASE

  37. Hello, I have made 3 Aranami scarfs which I love and would like to make a larger one, similar to your Asanagi size. How can I enlarge the Aranami scarf?
    Thank you very much.

    • Olga says:

      Hi Alice,
      I can only think of suggesting you to use thicker yarn/bigger needles and do same number of stitches and all. It’s a triangular shawl, so adding more tiers/rows of motifs would make it deeper and wider, but it would never match the dimensions like Asanagi since they “grow” differently. Aranami is a triangle shape and Asanagi is a rectangle. Hope this helps!

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