ANTM and Petal Halter

I wish I had time to watch tv , but when I did have it I certainly was sucked into the America’s Next Top Model show to see what real hardships are for someone to become a model and not just to have a pretty face and be tall!

I just saw over the Interweave knits facebook that an amateur model that was modeling for the magazine and happen to be also one modeling my Petal Halter design back in Spring 2009 issue! I am so happy for Jennifer, so no I need time to watch it and root for the model who did such an amazing job before!

photo courtesy of Interweave Knits

With this also came a realization that I actually didn’t get to blog about this design of mine more extensively. It has been my first for Interweave Knits and coincidental on some part. It has been knit within a week and yarn choices where 1 out of 3 and at the very last minute everything was late on my behalf as this took place last year during the hardest times in my life. Nowadays I look back and think to myself, I wasn’t entirely there… or was I so into work that actually helped me cope.
But this outcome proves that working under pressure and when you are sometimes not happy with the other emotional part of your life it was entirely worthy being invested in a project.

Petal Halter has been inspired just from a sneak of a quilted sewn couture piece, that was very distant from my knit interpretation, but yet it triggered the right ideas and execution methods were well on the way to be figured out…

I am very thankful to Eunny Jang and Lisa Shroyer who dealt with me during that time to this garment happen and make it on the pages of IK. With each experience, you learn more and more!

And Here are some links to Knitting Daily website where Eunny was kind enough to put a workshop on the Petal halter and show different possibilities for a wearer.

As recently as June I have finished my Petal halter in grey that I wear a lot this summer ! And it is great to see how same garment looks different in a different shade!
Happy knitting!

And yet again Jennifer has done amazing job!
ANTM starts September 7.

5 Responses to “ANTM and Petal Halter”

  1. angelknits says:

    Love the grey version! It has a little sheen to it and I also love how you pair it with a flowy summer skirt. Perfect match!

  2. k_purls2 says:

    Wow, that’s very cool. How exciting! It’s funny how sometimes we are able to push out great work even in tough times and circumstances.

    It’s interesting how the tank has a different feel in the pastel pink versus the grey.

  3. soknitpicky says:

    Oh, wow, that is so cool about the model!

    I didn’t realize that you were going through a difficult time personally. That makes the design and your process that much more impressive.

  4. Ava says:

    I like this grey version too. where did you get the yarn?

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