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Happy New Year!

Officially, in Japan people keep congratulating you with the New Year till around mid January, so I am not being really late! Happy 2010!!!

I hope this year is going to bring much much more exciting events to all of you, while I am going to tease you about my life in Japan. First impression or not, it is AWESOME! It’s just as I expected it to be and more.. so many things that have been learnt. Where would have I gone next day after we had landed in the country of a Rising Sun?…
Yes, a craft/yarn store! It was 5 floor high and best to go by myself and spend a whole day at! A whole floor to fabrics, a floor to yarn and buttons, a floor to stationary and beading, bagmaking, silversmithing, leather crafts, etc .. it is enough to make one want to throw up from the sensory overload. Especially if you are like me and do lots of those crafts. To compare with something else, it is like Costco Superstore sized High end craft store!
I have not taken any photos of it yet, but I have many moons ahead of me!

Just before New Years I got a chance to meet up with wonderful Reiko/joujoka who is a fellow blogger and a knitter living in Tokyo. She is very kind and met us at Kichijoji station and have taken me to…

right, Avril! I can’t wait to meet up with her again so we can explore more crafty destinations in Tokyo and suburbs and hopefully meet more Japanese knitters!
After that we went to get Siow Chin who arrived that day to Japan for holidays with her family! It was soo much fun to have met them all now! I have known Siow Chin for couple years online, we have exchanged packages, but it was still quite surreal to finally meet in real life! And the girls are the sweetest and so funny!

Shinjuku lights…

I have seen 2010 in on Zojoji Temple grounds and it was amazing!

How did you spend your holidays??


I have been holding off some exciting news and they just started piling up, so I guess I can start spilling some of the most exciting ones. This winter an “idiot’s dream” is coming true and our household of hubby and the cat is moving to Japan for the next 3 years!!!
I know excitement was just pouring out of me, having moved overseas before, I am looking forward, but this time only a bit worried for not knowing any language [yet!]. We are going to be only hour or so away from Tokyo and very close to Mount Fuji. Japan is one of the countries that has always been a mystery to me. The ways of people, their culture, technology, fashion – all that inspiration! I can’t wait to start exploring and sharing with you!
My longest fascination with Habu Textile fibers will be in heaven and now I would be able to visit [mother company] Avril and drool all over that yumminess!!!

On the other exciting news…

For the past 6 months I have been actively working on a project along with Vanessa Yap-Einbund known as coloursknits. Earlier this month with the help of our friends we launched the website and are really to tell the World all about it! Ori Ami Knits is a book that has 15 designs knit entirely out of Habu Textile fibers, beautifully photographed by Vanessa in northern California. There is a significant amount of innovation in this book and I can’t wait for all of you to see it! For information on how to get the book please subscribe on the website.

And to top all these news, Fibre Space, a yarn shop here in Alexandria, VA is hosting us, both authors on November 5, 6-9pm for an exclusive book preview! If you are in the area come see and try on all garments as well as enjoy our company and delicious refreshments!

:: having fun is hard work ::

well not really, just a reminded I need to hit the gym again!

Meanwhile, it has been a busy fabulous week here, only thing that was messing with plans is monsoon like rainstorms! Probably trying to catch up with the lack of snow we had this winter, but I am so glad it is finally sunny outside today and somewhat clear sky and look it is all so perky and green! That certainly sent us into frantic spring knitting, I know I have made 3 summer tops to wear so far!

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday and in a very cool way that I wish many fiber obsessed people could! As this year’s first weekend coincided with it and Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival was in order. So we ventured out, though it was rainy, the day itself ended up being really nice and warm, not incredibly sunny, but rain stayed out for the rest of Saturday. Friday, I have made my favorite recipe from Pioneer Woman Rum cake and I was very generous using Malibu rum in it, so I could bring the cake with me to the fairgrounds and share with my flickr/ravelry/blogging friends. Only thing I regret, I didn’t take any pictures of it, but I am sure you get the idea! I will try to find some from the friends and show you here.

As hubby wandered off browsing the furry ones, I roamed the barns and guess what was my first purchase?! You’ll never guess, but it is Habu. I know, it is crazy as it is not the yarn to buy at this kind of event, but I needed extra for something I am working on. Ravelry meet up gathered so many familiar faces, I can’t believe it’s been 3rd meet up since Ravelry making internet appearance and consuming our lives (in a fabulous kind of way!)
MDSWF 2009 Mosaic
I got a chance to see so many people, but realized that I was camera-less at that point, so I have no documentation of that. I had been lucky to spend some time showing Ysolda around DC as little as I knew, so we visited Louise Bourgeois exhibit at Hirschhorn which left me pretty thoughtful and yet trying not be afraid of spiders anymore, as artists actually sees them as guardians.. very intriguing, to be honest. This mirror installation encouraged to be explored, it was really dark and no flash allowed, so I took a snap shot while inside.
Louise Borgeoius::Mirror Installation
It happened that Pam was still in the area, so we got a chance all to catch up and Elspeth had also joined us for a lunch and National Museum of American Indian, which is this cool building in Capitol proximity and their cafe serves traditional food from all over Americas. After lunch Pam caught a flight back home and I already miss her and I when you are in a company of talented knitterly ladies, believe me creativity juice is in excess here! Just wait till we all get together in Rhinebeck this fall. We also took a knitting break to finish up on some of the wips.
Olga and Ysolda taking a knit break

Ysolda was having a trunk show at Knit Happens this Wednesday and was it fun!!! Just look how adorable is she, no wonder sometimes people think she is a real fairy! I snuck some pics from Mai from that evening.
Ysolda and Olga
Ysolda wearing Little Birds and Ishbel beret and I am wearing Shetland Triangle made in Malabrigo lace gifted to me by Vanessa about a year ago. There is nothing better than being a goof around..while modeling Vivian.
OMG, they killed Kenny..

:: My Eye Candy ::

Italy, Gaeta, a view from our patio of the house we lived at for 2 and a half years.
Summer, in the distance you see lights of Ischia. A bigger island not far from Capri.
With this post I celebrate my first 100 on blogger, it has been over a year now, but not that much was written. I just hope I have more to show and more to aspire! Thank you for reading and commenting and just keeping interest and supporting me in any way to promote and expose my creative flow. I want you to know I do appreciate your care and kindness. Thank you friends, lurkers and everybody!