More FW2017 runway knitwear

Today’s post is about probably one of the exciting colors that was seen on the runway – ORANGE! It is among my favorite colors, but even that doesn’t mean that I wear it a lot. I personally prefer to have it in the accessories, that’s why I unearthed my stash of now discontinued Shibui “Merino Alpaca” and in their now discontinued color “Jumpsuit” to work up some sort of accessory for the next season for myself to wear. It’s a tough color for many, or as me and my friend like to say that it’s all about the “good orange” that works. And to me this is in the top of the best oranges! One may find that it’s much easier to style the slightly subdued and sophisticated rust orange, which brings back memories of the origins of knitting for me. The color of yarn that my mom gave me when she taught me how to knit when I was 4… now that’s the color of orange many can wear in a sweater or other larger sized garment.


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