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Though it was a sunny awesome day here yesterday and 77F weather really teased with a dress and sandals, today it is back to cold day in Japan with pouring rain all day long. Many say it does rain here a lot in spring but usually very warm by now… But weather did give us a couple of single days suitable to enjoy the Hanami season.

And when the wind is blowing it is snowing millions of pink petals.

On Sunday morning I was thinking through a new design and had one of those light bulb moments, just had to sit down and do it right away. At least, it was morning time, not my usual 2am when those strike! 2 attempts later at this wretched hem, by Monday afternoon it is done and well underway along with a surprising find in my needle stash. I have discovered a pair of Addi Turbo, not lace ones, but regular ones with a sharp tips and that just makes my knitting glide! (Wonder when and where those were obtained?!)

Decided it is time to share more process photos of the projects and my general sketching, tools and place where “magic” happens. Today only the light is horrible, so this is for something to see in the future.

I have found watching or rather listening to movies can be an entertaining background while I work, but discovered a better source than just music. Audio books – they are much easier for this purpose and one can find lots of them free online. And just perfect, I don’t own a Kindle or Nook or iPad but audio books really took away my guilt for not reading more books, so instead I listen.

As any spring, this one wasn’t any different about my sewing bug. I see many quilting these days, it is of an epidemic proportions, but that is a hobby I really don’t have room or patience for though. So have been inspired this year to incorporate some knit details into my sewing. Like I did a couple years ago on a jacket. Here it is … yummy silk jersey

I have been on a hunt in a couple of yarn stores, crafting places in search of cool and mind-blowing fibers to explore.. I must say I have seen a very puny share of what Japan has to offer. So I have started with a reliable store before, not in person yet (as they are located all the way in Kyoto), but via amazingly fast Japanese mail! The site is in English as well, as well as great customer service! Now just to think of what other wonderful things to acquire from them!

This wonderful linen is currently on my needles and is being made into something fabulous.

6 Responses to “Day to Day”

  1. Monique says:

    Ok I love your layout! Can’t wait to see what you make. Can’t wait to see what you do with that yummy linen also.
    Saw your knitting/sewing project. It really worked! Great job!

  2. Kitty Kitty says:

    Such a happy spring post. Love the yarn from Lin-net.

  3. Smokey says:

    Oh, I remember seeing a link to lin-net on another knitter’s blog once and thinking they had beautiful yarns! What fun that you’re exploring all the cool craft stuff in Japan.

  4. I, too, have been having a “wretched hem” moment of late!

    Thanks for the link to the textiles site. It’s so lovely. I really like that quilted cotton/linen. If only I’d found that in time for winter projects!

  5. Kent says:

    The silk jersey looks amazing as well as the color selection!

    I can’t wait to see more…

    I think it’s time to get a sewing machine 🙂


  6. mary jane says:

    what beautiful images!

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